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Review: Twice Upon a Time — by Aya Ling


Cover image and summary from goodreads.com. 

Title: Twice Upon a Time (Unfinished Fairy Tales, #2)

Author: Aya Ling

Rating:  ★★★★★★ (6 of 5)

Genre/Pages: Fairytale retelling / 319

Summary: “Seven years have passed since Kat left Athelia. Through the intervention of the goblin king’s baby daughter, the book is re-opened and Kat is transported back to Story World. Upon learning she is given a second chance, Edward is determined not to let her go this time. His chance of succeeding, however, seems like nil. Kat doesn’t remember anything of their past, she loathes life at court, and she’s anxious to return to modern world. Not to mention that there’s a price to pay for tampering with the book again…”

Cover Review: Absolutely gorgeous. More self published authors need to follow Aya’s example, because this cover is positively breathtakingly perfect. This is the kind of book that I want to have on my shelf not only because it’s amazing, but also because the cover is just so pretty.

My Review: So I was actually lucky enough to be able to beta read this book in exchange for honest feedback. Honestly, I am SO thrilled that Aya let me be part of her beta reading group because, even though I may not always be the nicest of beta readers, I love getting to see the process of how authors write the books that I love so much. I have always loved Aya’s books. They make me happy. 

Characters: I cannot possibly say enough good about these characters. I absolutely adore every single one of them. This is really where Aya’s incredible skill as an author shines through – her characters. They are all complex and thought out with detailed enough sub-plots that she could write spin-off books about each and every one of them if she so chose (man, I hope she does that. How could would it be to have a spin-off story dedicated entirely to Henry and Ella?). I love her characters so much. I know I gush about books and authors all the time, but I promise you, Aya Ling is one of the very best. 

Plot: I hate amnesia as the catalyst to a romance. It’s so dumb. It makes me incredibly angry. But… Aya Ling pulled it off. She actually wrote a fairy tale with star-crossed lover amnesia that I enjoyed reading. And I really enjoyed it. It was a page-turner, for sure.

Content Advisory: Things got a little bit…erm… heated, at two different points, and there was a sexual assault that almost happened, but it didn’t, and scenes of a sexual nature were almost entirely off-page, so you don’t have to worry about anything explicit. A few swear words here and there, but not much.  

To Sum It Up: Aya Ling is a masterful storyteller who has the ability to make you instantly fall in love with the world and characters that she creates. If you love, or even like, fairy tales, you need to read Aya’s books. I recommend Twice Upon a Time to readers 13+.

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Review: Princess of Athelia – By Aya Ling

Cover image and summary from goodreads.com. Image links to goodreads book page.

Cover image and summary from goodreads.com. Image links to goodreads book page.

First of all, an apology to you, my readers, for my months of silence. This semester of college really killed me. 17 credit hours, working 30ish hours a week, while balancing all of my other responsibilities got more than a little overwhelming. But I’m back now!

Title: Princess of Athelia

Author: Aya Ling

Summary: Kat has now moved into the palace, determined to make the most of her time with her beloved prince. Being princess, however, is no bed of roses. She must learn how to behave like a royal, prepare for the upcoming engagement, and defend herself against hostile relatives. And knowing that her time with Edward is limited, Kat isn’t so certain that she wants to be princess anymore…

Genre/Pages: Fantasy/80

Rating: ★★ (4.5 of 5)

My Review:  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I bought this novella. I absolutely adored the first book, so I knew I loved the characters and world, but I was intrigued by what the plot could be. You see, it’s difficult to say much without giving the details of the book away, but this novella occurs in the middle of the first book. However, despite my skepticism, I absolutely adored this!

Hero/Heroine: Kat and Edward: Well, we all know that they’re practically perfect in every way. One of the foremost ways of course being that they are both FAR from perfect. (I dunno, Edward seems a bit too perfect sometimes. But he’s a storybook prince — I’ll let it slide). Kat is feisty and independent, while Edward is loyal and steadfast. They both stand as fantastic characters in their own rights, but when combined the witty dialogue and adorable romance make them an irresistible set of leads.

Plot: Again, I was unsure about how the plot would go over. I figured this novella might end up being more of a fan service than anything else (which, you know, I would still be okay with since I really do love the world and characters), but I was very pleasantly surprised. It had a nice little plot arc, and really was able to spend a lot of time developing some characters (and of course the not-TOO-in-your-face-but-not-exactly-subtle social and political commentary). It was thoroughly enjoyable.

Content Advisory: A fair amount of minor cuss words. (B-, D-, H-, S-), some passionate kissing, but that’s about it. 

To Sum it Up: It’s a novella. That takes place during the first book. It’s not supposed to have world-shattering revelations. It was a very fun and engaging return to the world and the characters. However, it’d probably be quite confusing if you’d never read the first book. So make sure to check out my review of it HERE. If you enjoyed The Ugly Stepsister, you will LOVE this novella. Fabulous writing and storycrafting. The return to Athelia was magical. I recommend it for everyone over the age of 13.

Have you heard of this book before? Have you read it? Did you like it?