My Rating System

What exactly do my ratings mean?

Glad you asked. Below is my Book Rating System.

(1 of 5) = I really, really, didn’t like this book.  (This is a very rare rating)

☆ (2 of 5) = This book was OK. Didn’t hate it, didn’t like it.

 (3 of 5) I liked it. It was definitely worth my time.

☆ (4 of 5) = I really liked this book. It was great!

 (5 of 5) = This book was amazing! I loved it!

★★★★★★ (6 of 5) = Best. Book. Ever. (This is also a very rare rating. Harry Potter gets this kind of a review from me.) Usually given to a book that really went above and beyond. A book that exceeded my wildest expectations. A book that pulled me in. Had me entranced, involved, emotional, tense, and a book that left me having learned something. A book with good morals, not just good fun. That is what I call a 6 star book.

You also may see the occasional “(3.5 of 5)” this means that I this book was better than a three star review, but not good enough for a 4 star.

Also, if there are any “bad” scenes, I will make sure to tell about them under the “Content Advisory” section of my review. I will mention things like cussing, sex scenes, extreme violence, etc.

I also put a recommended age under the “To Sum it up” section of a review. This is simply at what age I believe the average child would be able to understand and enjoy the book in question. And, of course, it goes without saying that when I say “8+” I mean “8-Adult”.

Hope this all helps!

~Lynette ♥

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