“What do you want to do/be ?

Belle’s Bookshelves is a fantastic book blog, that you should totally check out. She also posts some “Not So Bookish” things, like this fantastic little post. I love it!

When asked this question, it seems the question asker is only expecting one response. However my dreams and the things I want to accomplish cannot be accomplished by just or through just one “career” so to speak.

My dreams, my life, the things I want to do, it’s extensive and it’s adventurous and I know that will never change.

I wan’t to be everything I can possibly be, I want to teach, to be a photographer, model, write, travel, volunteer. I want to explore the world and save animals. I want to adopt a child. I want to save the world, I want to destroy it. I want to run a bookstore/cafe and have my own library. I want to run away and join the circus. I want to ride a motorbike. I want to fix trucks and get dirty and I want to be an artists, a lover. I…

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