Review: The Quilt Fairy – By Beverly Farr


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Title: The Quilt Fairy

Author: Beverly Farr

Rating★★☆ (3.5 / 5)

Genre/Pages: Fairytale / 48

Summary: “If a fairy falls in love, it’s going to be bad for the fairy.”

Her mother warned her, but Margaret doesn’t worry. She’s never found a human attractive . . . until now.

When her elderly landlady dies, Margaret, a house fairy and quilt expert, moves in with her landlady’s single grandson Jonathan. As long as she stays small, this tall, handsome human will never notice her. Or will he?

The Quilt Fairy is a sweet romance — a modern-day fairy tale. It is 12,000 words, technically a long short story or novelette. It was previously published as “If a Fairy Falls in Love.”

My Review: If you’ve read my previous reviews of Beverly Farr’s books, you’ll know that I love her voice. Her romances are sweet, quirky, and always a fun read. This particular short story was no exception.

Hero/Heroine: Margaret and Jonathan. They were well developed characters, and their relationship intrigued me greatly. In a very short period of time I was invested not only in their relationship, but in their individual characters. Margaret was quirky and had a Luna Lovegood-esque feel to her, whereas Jonathan was an open minded and passionate young banker who thought he may never have a second chance at love… Until he met Margaret. (Yup, definitely the cheesiest line I have ever written in the history of this blog. I am truly sorry …But not sorry enough to delete it.  I promise, this novellette is nowhere near as cheesy as that line). Anyway, Jonathan and Margaret have a cute and quirky relationship, and it was very fun to watch them grow.

Plot: I thought I knew what was going to happen, but I suppose I should stop assuming things like that when it comes to Beverly’s books. ;) Her fresh and original storytelling was unpredictable and fun. I do wish there had been a bit more world building, but it is a short story, so… The fairy tale world she created was absolutely wonderful, and the story arc was perfectly formed. An absolutely lovely fairy tale.

Content AdvisoryMentions of sex, but only a grand total of like three sentences, and nothing ever happened. A character dies. 

To Sum It Up: Short and sweet, just like this review, you won’t regret spending an hour or two reading this fun, original, sweet romance. I recommend it for ages 13+.


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