Review: North of Nowhere — by Liz Kessler

Summary and cover image from Image links to amazon page

Summary and cover image from Image links to amazon page

Title: North of Nowhere

Author: Liz Kessler

Rating: ★★★★☆

Pages/Genre: 272 / Fantasy

Summary: The sleepy seaside village of Porthaven hides a mystery: Mia’s grandad has vanished, and nobody knows why. When Mia and her mom rush to Porthaven to help her grandmother, Mia imagines long dreary days with no one to talk to except for the old-time fisherman at her grandparents’ pub. But that’s before Mia finds a diary on an empty, docked fishing boat and starts exchanging notes with a local girl named Dee, a girl who seems much like her. Mia is excited about having a new friend, but why do their plans to meet each other never materialize? And why does Dee claim to be stuck at home due to violent storms when Mia sees only sunny skies? Will Mia be able to solve the mystery of where — and when — her grandfather and friend might be before time and tide forever wash away their futures?

My Review: I adore Liz Kessler, so, obviously, I was psyched when I heard about this book. But then I read the synopsis and *YAWN* instant boredom. Even for a middle grade reader. So I expected to hate this book. I thought it was gonna be your stereotypical girl goes to live with grandparents for vacation, she’s absolutely distraught, because the place doesn’t have internet, coming of age, stupid romance, yada yada yada. But it was LIZ KESSLER. So I had to read it.

Boy, was I glad I did! Everything I listed above? Despite the first chapter, it’s not like that — not at all. It was a mystery. But a fun one. The clues slowly appeared (at first, so subtley that it wasn’t until later you realized they had been there), and throughout the book you’re slowly putting pieces together, until… BAM! MIND. BLOWN.

Content Advisory: It’s a middle grade novel written by an acclaimed middle grade author. Nothing inappropriate at all.

To Sum It Up: Time travel. Never thought it could be accomplished in a way that left me satisfied and without questions. But it was. It was amazing. Fantastic. Thoroughly enjoyable cover-to-cover. A fun, light, read, I recommend North of Nowhere for anyone ages 6+.


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