North Texas Teen Book Festival: Wrap Up!

So, a while back, I was able to attend the 1st Annual North Texas Teen Book Festival in Irving. A full day of panels, plus booksignings with about 50 authors? It was a dream come true! I managed to convince my wonderful brother to drive me and one of my best friends up there. Our main item of business for attending? Meet Ally Carter! Check!

From right to left: Marian, Ally Carter, Me!

From right to left: Marian, Ally Carter, Me!

I have adored Ally’s Gallagher Girls series from the first time I read them, and her Heist Society and Embassy Row were no different! Getting to meet her really was a dream come true. Plus, she was a super nice and friendly person. :D


Top left: Ally Carter, Top right: Jessica Brody, Bottom Left: My Signed Books Bookshelf, Bottom Right: D.J. MacHale

Meeting Jessica Brody was my second priority. I adored Unremembered and 52 Reasons to Hate my Father, and getting to meet her was incredible. I was about to make an additional point of how nice she was, but I think that would get old soon, since ALL OF THE AUTHORS AT NTTBF WERE WONDERFUL AND NICE. Plus, she recognized my necklace (from her book)! I loved meeting her.

D.J. MacHale: Author of the Pendragon series: AKA My Childhood. Enough said! We hung out and chatted for quite a few minutes in the signing room, which was amazing. Love him!


Top Left: Brian Yansky, Top Right: Once the signing lines had calmed down a little bit and gotten smaller and more orderly (Photo creds: NTTBF IG), Bottom Left: Claire Legrand, Bottom Right: Lindsay Cummings

Brian Yansky: I had never seen his books prior to meeting him at NTTBF, but after going to a few of his panels and taking a selfie with him, I really want to check them out! He’s such a great guy, and so much fun.

Claire LeGrand: Again, never seen her book before going to the Fest, but I cannot wait until I can read it now! It looks absolutely phenomenal! A retelling of the Nutcracker with GORGEOUS cover art AND a map? Don’t mind if I do! Plus, we got to hang with her and chat for few minutes, which was fabulous.

Lindsay Cummings: Ever since I’d heard about her on Alohomora! I knew that I had to check out her books. When I saw that she was going to be at the Fest it was the perfect opportunity! I bought her first Balance Keepers novel and went to go meet her. I love her. She is amazing. Read her books.


Top Left: Gordon Korman, Top Right: One of the panels I went to, Middle Right: Elizabeth Eulberg, Bottom Left: Stephanie Perkins, Bottom Right: Obert Skye.

Gordon Korman: Ever since I began the long and (when it started) wonderful and (to the current date and books being released) horrible journey that was the 39 Clues (and all spin offs) series, I adored Gordon Korman. Because I loved that series, and his were some of my favorites. So getting to meet him was INCREDIBLE. Really great guy.

Elizabeth Eulberg: I haven’t yet read any of her books, but after going to her panels and meeting her (she’s SO nice!) they’re at the top of my TBR! :)

Stephanie Perkins: Though I have seen Anna and the French Kiss everywhere I’ve turned for years, I still haven’t read it. Insert above Elizabeth Eulberg description, haha.

Obert Skye: I’ve only read the first book in the series, but I love Obert Skye and I love Leven Thumps! Plus, we got to hang out and chat for quite some time! He’s so nice and wonderful to his fans. <3


Left: Carrie Ryan, Right: Jennifer L. Barnes

Two more of the author discoveries I made at the NTTBF! Carrie Ryan and Jennifer L. Barnes! I’m looking forward to reading their books now. :)

I also got to meet Kathy and Bredan Reichs, and Ally Condie! Pics to come of them soon!

So, there you go, a lightning wrap up of my experience at the NTTBF. I got into some amazing panels, Book Boyfriends 101 being the most sought after, and was able to have an absolutely incredible experience! Brava, Irving. I can’t wait until next year!


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