A Literary Halloween!

I love Halloween By far, my favorite part is getting to dress up as a literary character. Last year, I was Alyss Mainwaring from the Ranger’s Apprentice series. This year, I was…

Drumroll, please!

Queen Lucy the Valiant of Narnia!

Lucy Pevensie, of C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia fame. I did have a LOT of fun with this one. It’s been a childhood dream of mine to be a Narnian (as probably presented by my Pinterest board). Since I’d gone with a more formal, dressy look last year, I decided to show case Lucy’s outfit from the Dawn Treader movie. Also, it worked much better with my actual age… ;) I am indeed carrying a replica of Lucy’s dagger, along with Lucy’s vial, and, just to tip people off as to my identity, her crown.

I truly enjoyed this costume, even though the majority of the people just thought I was “a pirate.” But those who WERE able to guess my costume… they were what made the whole thing worth it. Plus, I just felt pretty awesome in that outfit. I wonder what would happen if I wore it out in public more often… haha.

Anyway, there was one more aspect to my literary halloween: My pumpkin!

This pumpkin was a double meaning. Most interpreted it as a general Harry Potter reference. Which it was. But there was more to it. That butterfly like shape? The logo of J.K. Rowling’s charity, Lumos.

Lumos themselves responded to my tweet about my pumpkin, saying:

Screenshot 2014-11-02 at 11.10.14 PM

Do you go all out for Halloween? What do you think of my costume? Comment below with pics/links to pics of your Literary Halloween costumes! I’d love to see them!


4 thoughts on “A Literary Halloween!

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