Week of Potter: July 28th, 2014 — Favorite Fictional Characters

“In honor of the birthday of the boy wizard and his creator, I am throwing a Week of Potter right here on Escaping Reality — One Book at a Time. It could be anything. Whatever I’m feeling like at the moment I decide to write a post. It might be a “Dear Jo” letter, a “Dear Mr. Potter” letter, it might even be the ramblings of a member of the Fred Weasley Death Denial Support Group. Or it could be mini-reviews highlighting my favorite parts of the books.” Day One can be found HERE.

My two favorite characters are by far the lovely and spunky Ginny Weasley, and the intelligent (and sometimes reckless) Sirius Black.

Ginny Weasley

Ginny Weasley (Image from ilovebonniewright.tumblr.com)

Sirius Black

Sirius Black













Why are these my favorite characters? Well, that’s a loaded question…

My Harry Potter story is a complicated one. So without going into the 4 or 5 paragraph explanation of the strange order with which I read these books, I’m just gonna sum it up. I read the first Harry Potter book when I was 5 or 6. I watched the first movie when I was 4. As a homeschooler, I always loved hanging out with my siblings and other older children (never did care for kids my age much), anyway, my siblings and our friend group always loved roleplaying Harry Potter. Originally, as the youngest child, I always played Harry Potter. My older brother was James, his best female friend was Lily, his best guy friend was Sirius, and my sister played Luna (or sometimes Cho). It wasn’t very canon, but we were little kids, and we had a blast. From long before I’d read any of the books, I’d acted out scenes in the world with the characters. So I was always very close to Sirius during that time, as well. However, whenever we would play Harry Potter with my cousins, my older cousin always wanted to be Harry… so I became Ginny. I still remember the conversation:

Me: “But I’m always Harry!”

Cousin: “But, Lynette, you can be Ginny.”

Me: “Who’s Ginny?”

Cousin: “She’s a super cool character. She has red hair, just like you, brown eyes, just like you, freckles, just like you, and a crush on Harry Potter.”

Me: “Really??? AWESOME! I wanna be Ginny!”

So from a very young age, these were two of the characters I knew the best, and loved unconditionally. In my eyes, they could do no wrong.

In a rational way, I will attempt to explain the specific reasons for my love of these characters:

Image from HarryPotter Wikia

Image from HarryPotter Wikia


Ginevra Molly Weasley, born August 11, 1981, “Ginny” was born a pureblood witch, the youngest of seven children, and the first girl in the Weasley line for many generations. 

Ginny is spunky, fierce, and brave. She’s independent and strong, but still feminine. She’s powerful, dangerous, and flirtatious. Ginny Weasley is a true Gryffindor. Ginny Weasley is a hero.

Best Moments/Quotes:

Ginny7 << This one is a favorite of mine. However, it seems to be the only one people remember. Ginny had so many great quotes, and so many fantastic, heroic, moments.

Too many people remember Ginny as nothing more than that-girl-with-the-diary-in-CoS-who-later-married-Harry. She was so much more than that! Partially, though, this is the movies’ fault. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the movies, and Bonnie Wright was flippin’ AMAZING, but the scripts just didn’t have the time to do Ginny justice.

She never backs down from anything. At the age of twelve she was posessed by the most evil dark wizard of all time, and almost killed by him. She was forced to grow up pretty fast. As a young girl, she would break into her family’s broom cabinet at night to practice her Quidditch skills, and made the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a chaser and subsitute seeker when she was 14.

Shortly after she and Harry finally got together (cuz, admit it, they’re perfect together), they break up to focus on the war, he leaves to fight Voldemort, and Ginny is left as an integral part of The Silver Trio, leading Dumbledore’s Army in the reign of the Carrow’s, despite constant physical and emotional torture. This witch kicks serious butt.

I drew a picture of her once (it’s not very good, I’ve never had any formal art training, and this was from a long time ago), but, still… it’s one of my favorite things about her, this quote. Have I raved about Ginny enough yet? Plus, it couldn’t make me happier when Rowling released the short story about the DA reuniting, and then getting to read Ginny Potter (!)’s updates of the Quidditch World Cup  in real time for the 2014 cup.

Click here to see on Deviantart!

Click here to see on Deviantart!

Image from Harry Potter Wikia

Image from Harry Potter Wikia


Sirius Black: A pureblood wizard who becomes and animagus, is best friends with James Potter, and becomes Harry’s godfather. Was locked in Azkaban for 12 years for crimes he did not commit.

A lot of people don’t like Sirius Black. A lot of the people who DO like Sirius Black still have a lot of qualms with his actions and decisions. Sirius Black is accused of being many things, but I’ll tell you what I KNOW he is:

Sirius is brave, strong, and courageous. Sirius is wise, kind, and a wonderful mentor. He is an adult figure, but he fosters independence. He is father and a friend. He is clever, loyal, and fierce. He understands true sacrifice. He is one heck of a fighter, quite the philosopher, and a wonderful, complex, character. Sirius Black is was a true Gryffindor. Sirius Black is was a hero.

Best Moments/Quotes:


 << This quote basically sums up Sirius’ life. And honestly, that’s a little bit of what I love about him? I’m a very logical, rule-abiding person. I don’t even bend the rules. I submit homework a day early. I don’t go anywhere without pepper spray (though that’s partially to do with my two near-kidnappings). Sirius is basically the complete opposite of me — and that’s why his character appeals to me so much. He is everything I’m not and wish that I was. I’m a Gryffindor — through and through — but not in the same way that Sirius is. He is rash, he is reckless, he is arrogant, and yet he’s a wonderful man.

He is also should have been a broken man. He underwent 12 years of the worst torture imaginable — torture of the very soul — the removal of all happy thoughts, in the worst prison known to wizardkind. All of this for crimes he had never committed — for the betrayal that led to the murder of his best friends. And he knew this whole time that the real murderer was still at large. And yet, miraculously,  he finally gains his freedom, finds the true murderer, reunites with his godson, and finds a way to become a free man again, and to get to know his dead best friend’s son. … and then catastrophe strikes, and everything falls apart. He’s on the run again, and a year later is confined to his childhood prison — his family home.

ALL of this, and Sirius Black should have had severe PTSD, he should have been thoroughly broken.

And yet, he was always able to be there for Harry. He was able to connect with his godson on a level that no other person could. He was a source of comfort, wisdom, guidance, and love, to his godson as Harry underwent his own personally tragic life.

Sirius Black knew full well that Harry wasn’t James, but he did know that Harry was all that Sirius had left of James. He knew that it was his job to keep Harry safe. He loved James, and he loved Harry.


I drew a picture of him, as well. This one was last week, in the middle of my Harry Potter movie marathon. Keep in mind, again, it’s a horrible scan, and I have had no formal art training, and was half asleep while drawing this. But I still love it. Some of the last words Sirius said to Harry. <3 :'(

Click here to see it on Deviantart!

Click here to see it on Deviantart!

There you have it! My reasoning (AKA fangirl rambling) about my two favorite Harry Potter characters!

And as always…

In the true spirit of Harry Potter, and the love that Potter fans share… Don’t forget toDONATE to Lumos so that we can Light Up  Jo’s Birthday 2014! Lumos is an amazing organization founded by our Queen Rowling in order to work towards stopping the institutionalization of children world wide. Light up Jo’s Birthday seeks to get extra donations for Lumos as a special birthday present to Jo. Please, please, PLEASE donate! <3 :DHP10


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