Camera: DCS520C
Serial #: K520C-01472
Width: 1728
Height: 1152
Date: 3/22/01
Time: 18:48:22
DCS5XX Image
FW Ver: 3.2.3
TIFF Image
Look: Product
Sharpening Requested: No
Counter: [54179]
ISO Speed: 200
Aperture: f8.0
Shutter: 1/60
Max Aperture: f2.5
Min Aperture: f32
Exposure Mode: Manual (M)
Compensation: +0.0
Flash Compensation: +0.0
Meter Mode: Evaluative
Flash Mode: No flash
Drive Mode: Continuous
Focus Mode: AI Servo
Focus Point: –o–
Focal Length (mm): 50
White balance: Custom
Time: 18:48:22.726

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