Review: Corporate Husband – by Beverly Farr

Cover image and summary from Image links to Goodreads book page.
Cover image and summary from Image links to Goodreads book page.

Title: Corporate Husband

Author: Beverly Farr

Summary: To inherit her grandfather’s chocolate company, Louisa Brannigan needs a loyal employee to marry her and keep his mouth shut. Justin Reilly seems like the ideal candidate, until he starts changing the rules. Corporate Husband is book one in the Love and Chocolate Series. Each book is a stand-alone sweet romance without cliff-hangers.

Genre/Pages: Sweet Romance/238

Rating: ★★ (5 of 5)

My Review:  

I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


Hero/Heroine: Obviously, this is fiction. Sweet romance, to be exact. So I wasn’t really expecting a hero/heroine. HowEVER, the two main characters (and love interests — Go figure!) were absolutely amazing characters. They were very detailed, and REAL. Their struggles and dialogue felt so real. It was wonderful. They were real, complex, people with their own problems and fears. It made for a wonderful romance.

Louisa Brannigan: In the beginning, you think you’ve got Louisa Brannigan all figured out. For whatever reasons she has, she is getting married so that she can keep her multi-billionaire company alive. Wow. Seriously? The author does a fantastic job of helping you to jump to conclusions about the characters about a million different times, only  to slowly unravel their story and background. As you came to understand Louisa and where she’s coming from, you come to love her. She was a fantastic character. She was very independent, but she was able to let her guard down, too.

Justin Reilly: Where to start? I wasn’t sold on him from the start. But I did end up loving him. It was the same as with Louisa. You learn not to judge people from first impressions, and you learn to love them from their experiences and actions. He was gentle, understanding, and yet always liked to push the limits, just a little bit. He was wonderful. He was brave. He was flawed. 

Plot: This is the second romance novel I have ever read. I read it during finals week, and it was a welcome stress reliever. It wasn’t a high intensity plot, nor did it require constant focus and thought (i.e. it wasn’t a mystery or crime novel), it was just a wonderful world to go into. To be able to focus on someone else’s life, and not think about finals. So, no, action-wise there isn’t a LOT that happens… but what did happen was perfect. There was just a touch of action, danger, and drama that slowly unraveled until it reached the breaking point. The romance was completely clean, and yet highly enjoyable. It was complex, it was real. There was no insta-love. There was no forbidden love. There was no love triangle. It was a REAL RELATIONSHIP, one that was grown over time. One that slowly progressed. It was beautiful and realistic.

And the plot twist and ending?!?!??! Just when you think it’s just another romance novel… Well, you’ll never see it coming, but you’ll love every second of it. It wasn’t unrealistic, but it was fantastic.

Content Advisory: As the author herself says: “What you will find in my stories:
1. Sweet quirky romance.
2. Very little swearing. There may be an occasional hell or damn, maybe even a b***h, but there will be no Lord’s name in vain and no f-bombs.
3. No explicit sex scenes. Characters might discuss sex, but any love scenes are off screen (Think AFRICAN QUEEN).
4. No vampires. At least, not yet.”

To Sum it Up: This book was GREAT fun. I enjoyed every second of it, and it’s a book that I could definitely see myself re-reading later — probably during finals week again. The characters and dialogue are just so engaging that you can’t put it down. It makes you cry, it makes you laugh, it makes you smile, and is quite near impossible to put down. I LOVED THIS BOOK. I can’t WAIT to read the next in the series! I love happy endings! Real life fairytales! THIS BOOK.

I would HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone over 16+.

Have you heard of this book before? Have you read it? Did you like it? 

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