Interview with Author Diane Rinella!

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In celebration of the release of her new novel “Scary Modsters”, Diane Rinella has agreed to join me here today. Make sure to check out her books HERE, or purchase them HERE. On Sale for 99 cents until May 3rd! :)

Thank you!

Thank you! to the lovely Diane Rinella for joining me on my blog today! Image links to author’s page.

When I look at the magnitude of devastation on this planet I feel hopeless. However, I can be part of change. Every creature, along with the Earth itself, is in this together. Humans and animals need the planet to survive, and now the planet needs us to fix it. I can’t turn a blind eye anymore. Since I was going to hit people up to help me promote Scary Modsters I figured I might as well hit them up for a greater purpose.” – Diane Rinella

What gave you the idea for the Scary Modsters World Improvement Project?

There are three main characters in Scary Modsters. One of them is Peter Lane, a rock star who died in 1968. A few months ago I was talking to some friends of Peter’s generation about the turbulent times in which they grew up. Their generation felt destined to change the world for the better. Now it’s almost fifty years later and not much has improved. In some ways things have gotten a lot worse. There is still widespread hunger, homelessness, and this country is involved in a war that people want nothing to do with. Sound familiar? You can also add in that our food is being poisoned and the planet is dying. Mankind has put itself on the brink of extinction. Peter closes eyes in 1968 and reopens them in 2014. He expects to see positive changes. Instead he gets the modern world.

While preparing for this promotion you have done a lot of research. What’s the most shocking thing you’ve learned?

While in a café I noticed that sitting before me were two paper cups. I wondered what impact they had on the environment. A few clicks on my keyboard later I found that half a pound of CO2 emissions happened because of those cups. The café owner told me they go through at least five hundred paper cups per week. (This café does also use ceramic cups.) That is one hundred and twenty pounds of CO2 emissions per week. If my tiny corner café is pumping that much CO2 into the air just by their paper cup consumption, what kind of damage does the big Starbucks down the road do? I’ve since made packing a travel mug part of my ritual. A reminder on my phone goes off half an hour before I’m scheduled to leave for the café.

The giveaway includes something for the winner and something for a charity. Tell us briefly about the charities that you selected.

St. Jude has always been close to my heart. The world is cruel enough for adults. It shouldn’t be hell when you are a child. St. Jude has saved the lives of countless children whose families could not afford medical treatment. The ISF (Ian Somerhalder Foundation) has started a revolutionary animal grant program. If a homeless animal is jeopardy, shelters or individuals can apply for a grant of up to $2500 so the animal can get the medical attention it needs and get placed in a proper home. Since it seems like everyone has been touched by cancer, The American Cancer Society was a natural choice.

Now that you have reached this new level of awareness, does it stop here or are there bigger things ahead?

I won’t say that I’m now on a huge quest to change the world. However, I do believe that we all hold the power to help do so. Changing the world is a team effort. I am now on that team. I thought I was before, but I had no clue the damage I was doing. I really still don’t. However, I am now resolved educate myself and to do better. When I find something revolutionary I will certainly pass it on to others via my blog and Facebook page.

Will this generation be the one to save the world?

The scientists are saying no. However, we can certainly be the ones who jumpstart it. It’s not that our hearts are in the wrong places, it’s that the situation is that bad.

The economy is still in recovery mode. How can I help when I don’t have money or time to spread around?

Look to your trashcan. Is there anything in there that should have gone in the compost? How about things that should have been recycled? It can be that simple. Parents, don’t just teach your children about the environment; put their hands in the soil. Have them make compost and grow their own vegetables. They will learn about the cycle of life. Teach them that they are fighting back against the chemical lobbyists who are poisoning their food and killing the bees. Change always starts with a seed, whether it is the seed of a plant or the seed of an idea. All you have to do is plant it.

So what else can YOU do? Reach out to your local community or check out the amazing to find local service projects that you can particpate in today! Collect donations for Soldier’s Angels, volunteer at your local county teen court on jury duty (SO MUCH FUN!) donate to Toys For Tots, or join the 30 Hour Famine! Or simply “Do Hard Things” by joining The Rebelution — The teenage rebellion against low expectations.

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There is no shortage of amazing community service events or causes you can take part in. Even a little bit, or a few hours, can make a HUGE difference. Make sure to look for opportunities to serve and benefit your community. You won’t regret it. Not only will you bless other’s lives, but you will become a better person and lead a happier life, by “Lose[ing] yourself in the service of others”. 

Thanks again for joining me, Diane! 




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