Review: Persephone – by Kaitlin Bevis

Cover image and summary from Image links to goodreads book page.
Cover image and summary from Image links to goodreads book page.

Title: Persephone

Author: Kaitlin Bevis

Summary: There are worse things than death, worse people too

The “talk” was bad enough, but how many teens get told that they’re a goddess? When her mom tells her, Persephone is sure her mother has lost her mind. It isn’t until Boreas, the god of winter, tries to abduct her that she realizes her mother was telling the truth. Hades rescues her, and in order to safely bring Persephone to the Underworld he marks her as his bride. But Boreas will stop at nothing to get Persephone. Despite her growing feelings for Hades, Persephone wants to return to the living realm. Persephone must find a way to defeat Boreas and reclaim her life.

Genre/Pages: Mythology/Romance/237

Rating: ★★★ (6 of 5)

My Review: I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I absolutely ADORED this book! In fact, I’m gonna come right out and say, that it’s probably my favorite book, well, ever. Aside from Harry Potter and Ranger’s Apprentice, obviously. The second I finished it (THE ENDING IS PERFECT.) I started freak-out-fangirl texting my best friend. Seriously, I love this book. It’s a romance novel, yes, but even then, I’d still say I liked it more than Hunger Games. Easily. And, y’know, a girl can use a GOOD romance novel every once in a while…

First Paragraph: “Persephone…” I hunched over, doing my best to ignore the sound of my name being whispered on the wind. It curled around me in a sensuous breeze. Once I would have turned around, tried to find whoever said my name. Now I knew better. There was no one there. There was never anyone there.

Hero/Heroine: Hades and Persephone. This was probably my favorite aspect of the book. They were very realistic characters – in a good way! There was never anything about them (or their relationship) that was cliche or boring, which was a welcome relief. None of that oh-so-annoying Hero complex that always results in one person doing something stupid and the other being super mad at them. The lack of the Hero complex was very refreshing. But really, I just love every single scene with the two of them. Their banter, and watching their relationship grow… Oh, I just LOVE it! And Hades? Never thought I’d say this… but he was an AMAZING love interest! He wasn’t perfect – which is what made him perfect. 237 pages in Persephone’s head was not nearly enough. :)

Plot: Well, obviously, I can’t say a lot without spoiling it, but I’ll try to put my love for this book into words. When I picked this up I thought: “Just another Persephone retelling. And, of all the myths, why Persephone?!” But then I read it… Persephone is like no other myth or mythological retelling you have ever read. How the gods work, who Persephone is, the circumstances behind her going to live with Hades – It’s all so very different! I loved every second of it! The book was so perfectly balanced between description, world-building, character building, and moving the plot along that it was nearly impossible to put down. The curve-balls? I never would have seen them coming!

Content Advisory: Threat of sexual violence (this IS Persephone, after all). About 5 or 6 uses of the B-word, and a handful of D-words. Implied speculation (school rumors)  of sexual content, but no truth. 2 people kiss.

To Sum it Up:  I couldn’t get enough of this book! I loved the friendly banter between the members of Hades’ court, and the world absolutely fascinated me! The characters were likable & realistic, and the plot was fast moving without the story ever suffering for it. NO CLICHES! I was on Cloud 9. Kaitlin Bevis has some serious skill as an author and I loved reading her work – the writing was beautiful as the plot was stunning. If you’re looking for a fun, COMPLETELY original modern-day myth retelling/romance then you’ve come to the right place! I highly recommend Persephone to readers ages 12+.

Have you heard of this book before? Have you read it? Did you like it? 

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