It is Winter!

Hey y’all! Soo… it’s officially winter. The first ice of Texas Winter 2013! Which means cuddling up in a very soft blanket by the fireplace with a book. Right now that book is alternating between Edna in the Desert (received from the author) and The Illiad (which I’ve been meaning to read for ages!). I’ve recently finished Nowhere to Run, (book one, in series 3 million of the 39 clues. Does this NEVER end???) Outlaws of Sherwood, (the most AMAZING Robin Hood re-telling ever!) Wake Up Missing, (stand-alone’s FTW!) The Magician’s Tower, (Amazing Middle-grade mystery novel. Love it!) Champion, (I will NEVER get over the emotional trauma that book caused. Or the absolute literary beauty of it all) Age of Amy: Book Two, (strange…but I really enjoyed it! A book you will truly never forget) and Charly, (*sob*) to name a few.

So expect LOTS of reviews. As soon as I finish finals. Only a few days left! :D

Though this is not book related, I thought that in honor of such a momentous event as Texas getting ice, I should share this video with you. It made me laugh. A lot. Maybe too much. Just watch it! I hope it does the same to you. :)

Happy Winter (AND ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!) , everyone! What are you reading?


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