Review: The Fall of Five – by Pittacus Lore

Summary and cover from Image links to goodreads book page.
Summary and cover from Image links to goodreads book page.

Title: The Fall of Five

Author: Pittacus Lore

Summary: The Garde are finally reunited, but do they have what it takes to win the war against the Mogadorians?

John Smith—Number Four—thought that things would change once the Garde found each other. They would stop running. They would fight the Mogadorians. And they would win.

But he was wrong. After facing off with the Mogadorian ruler and almost being annihilated, the Garde know they are drastically unprepared and hopelessly outgunned. Now they’re hiding out in Nine’s Chicago penthouse, trying to figure out their next move.

The six of them are powerful, but they’re not strong enough yet to take on an entire army—even with the return of an old ally. To defeat their enemy, the Garde must master their Legacies and learn to work together as a team. More importantly, they’ll have to discover the truth about the Elders and their plan for the Loric survivors.

And when the Garde receive a sign from Number Five—a crop circle in the shape of a Loric symbol—they know they are so close to being reunited. But could it be a trap? Time is running out, and the only thing they know for certain is that they have to get to Five before it’s too late.

The Garde may have lost battles, but they will not lose this war.

Genre/Pages: Science-Fiction/352

Rating: ★★(5 of 5)

My Review: This has got to be the most awful book I have ever read. Now don’t get me wrong… I LOVED it! Characters, development, the plot, everything. OH my gosh I loved it so much! It was so completely all-encompassing. Emotional. Thought-inspiring. Inspirational, even. Heart-wrenching. Suspenseful. You won’t even see it coming. And then it’ll hit you. *dun dun dun*

I was super psyched for the 4th book in The Lorien Legacies – and I wasn’t disappointed. However, the series doesn’t appear to be wrapping up. Pittacus Lore has said that he wishes to tell the story over the course of 6 books… and we’re getting close to that now. That is my only real complaint. The book was great, there were some major revelations and a LOT of character development and plot-building… but in the grand scheme of things? Nothing REALLY happened. It was non-stop action, and I loved every second of it… I’m just hoping this won’t turn into Wheel of Time. On other news… Talk of a Power of Six movie is BACK!!! Nothing official yet…but it’s only been 2 years. PJ&O sequel took 4. There is hope!

When I say non-stop action, I really mean it. There’s hardly time to breathe, but not in a bad way. Most of this book was taken up by character development and them learning more – which I find beyond fascinating. Character development, especially when you have SO MANY characters, can sometimes get left behind, but not in this one! Yay! The climax. Well. You almost don’t see it coming. You almost do. But you don’t believe it. AND THEN IT HAPPENS. One of the most beautifully executed ones I’ve ever read. (Second only to the one in bk. 4 of Fablehaven) Congratulations, Pittacus Lore!

Content Advisory: A fair bit of violence. Stabbing someone’s eye out. Blood, everywhere. Many people nearly die. 1 F-bomb. 15-20 minor swear words. :(

To Sum it Up: If you’re already to book four, there’s probably no stopping you… so JUST DO IT! You will not regret it. Well, maybe you will. But in a good fan-girl emotional roller-coaster way. :) I love Science-Fiction. The Lorien Legacies is an excellent example of excellent sci-fi (along with Ender’s Game… Which is also a fantastic MOVIE now, too!!!!) I recommend this book to 13+.

Have you heard of this book before? Have you read it? Did you like it? 

2 thoughts on “Review: The Fall of Five – by Pittacus Lore

  1. Kelly

    I love this series and the fact that novellas come out in between each major book so I can have something to read about the series instead of just wait for a whole YEAR. And I totally agree with everything you said about the book :)

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