Click on image for Giveaway.

Click on image for Giveaway.

Hey everyone!

In honor of the 1 year anniversary of my starting this blog (and of reaching 250 followers) I am hosting an amazing giveaway using Rafflecopter. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow me to post the ACTUAL giveaway here, but this is what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 7.26.11 AM^^^CLICK ON THIS PICTURE FOR THE LINK TO THE GIVEAWAY! ^^^

As you can see, I’ve got some nice books…

Check out my review of The Zochtil HERE!

Jump to the Stars! Join the Solar Fleet!

The Solar Fleet faces just two problems: one, the alien blockade that prevents any ship from leaving the solar system, and two, the United Monarchy of Europe, which is tying up most of the Solar Fleet’s resources, thus preventing them from attacking the blockade.

Almek Manning is eighteen and wishes to join the Solar Fleet as a midshipman and train at the Academy. However, Almek has a few problems of his own to overcome before he can go to the Academy, the first of which is to escape from a United Monarchy of Europe detention facility.

Fantastic debut novel by 19-year-old Military Science Fiction author J.A. Dalley. I loved this book. I’m not typically a Mil-Sci-Fi type of reader, but this book was great! I highly recommend this series.

Cover image and summary from Image links to goodreads book page.

The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp – By Bruce Edwards (image links to GR book page)

Check out my review of Age of Amy HERE!

Amy is uprooted from the city she loves to the Midwest—and she’s pissed! Miserable in her new home and unpopular at school, the 16-year-old blasts her parents for destroying her happiness. But when Amy’s verbal attacks turn physical, she is sent away to a boot camp for troubled teens. Expecting Bonehead Bootcamp to be a laid-back country retreat, Amy instead enters a frightening fantasy world of altered time and space. Together with three other unruly teenagers, she must summon all her courage and ingenuity to get back home.

A quick read, Age of Amy is definitely worth your time. The concept of the story is fascinating, and the main character is a lot of fun! Make sure to check it out!

Book Trailer:

Cover image and summary from Image links to goodreads book page.

Dragon Boy & The Witches of Galza – By A.A. Bukhatir. Image links to GR book page.

Check out my review HERE!

In a tiny village nestled between a haunted forest and a magic mountain, lives an old woodcutter named Aijou. Shunned by the other villagers, he mourns the death of his cherished wife and spends his lonely days going about his work in nearly total isolation. He never dreams that in a flash his life will change completely, and that his courage and strength will be profoundly tested.

It all begins innocently enough when Aijou loses his way in the enchanted forest. Desperately seeking the path back home, he suddenly encounters two tiny fairies engaged in battle with fire-breathing she-dragon. Against all odds, the fairies prevail and with its last breath, the dying dragon assumes her human form. She begs Aijou to adopt her baby boy. Aijou agrees not knowing that the infant is actually a dragon. From that moment on, Aijou¹s life will never be the same. Filled with determination, he tries to escape the haunted forest.

But in order to return home, Aijou must obtain permission from the evil Witches of Galza. With two fairy guides, Aijou and the dragon baby set off to find the wicked sisters. When they finally meet, the Witches offer Aijou a terrible bargain and he must decide whether he will accept.

Definitely make sure to check it out!

Cover image and summary from Image links to Amazon book page.

The March of the Toymakers – By Julianne Victoria.Cover image and summary from Image links to Amazon book page.

March of the Toymakers follows the journey of Santa’s chief elf, Nissa, on his quest to save Christmas. Santa barely has enough elves to make enough toys for all the children of the world, so he sends Nissa on a mission to find the Fair Feather Maid, who will help them recruit an army of elves to become toymakers. However, there are many challenges along the way, from solving riddles and breaking pixie spells to fighting off ogres, trolls, and goblins, all of whom wish to prevent the army of toymakers from making it back to Santa’s Village in time. If they do not make it back by Midsummer’s Eve, they will not have enough time to make all the toys that bring Christmas joys.

Though I haven’t yet had a chance to read it, myself, this book looks like a fantastic Christmas story! Can’t wait!

Shadow Eyes – By Dusty Crabtree. Image links to GR book page.

Shadow Eyes – By Dusty Crabtree. Image links to GR book page.

 Iris Kohl lives in a world populated by murky shadows that surround, harass, and entice unsuspecting individuals toward evil. But she is the only one who can see  them. She’s had this ability to see the shadows, as well as brilliantly glowing light figures, ever since an obscure, tragic incident on her fourteenth birthday three years earlier.Although she’s learned to cope, the view of her world begins to shift upon the arrival of three mysterious characters. First, a handsome new teacher whose presence scares away shadows; second, a new friend with an awe-inspiring aura; and third, a mysterious and alluring new student whom Iris has a hard time resisting despite already having a boyfriend.

As the shadows invade and terrorize her own life and family, she must ultimately revisit the most horrific event of her life in order to learn her true identity and become the hero she was meant to be.

Again, I haven’t  yet had time to read Shadow Eyes, but it looks fantastic!



4 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY!!!

  1. Congratulations on your one year blogoversay, and 250 followers :D I definitely hope I can make it to one year; it’s crazy to think that I’ve only been here since June :O
    As the answer for the Rafflecopter question, my most anticipated book of the Summer (because I’m Australian, haha) is definitely Taste of Darkness by Maria V Snyder. She writes amazing fantasy novels for YAs, and this is the third book in a series of hers that I love. I’ve been waiting a year for it!

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