Thank you!

First off, I have just got to say a big THANK YOU to ALL OF YOU! Those who have given me books to review (and if I still haven’t managed to read yours yet I am terribly sorry, I will try to get it done ASAP!), those who have commented, started memes, given me advice, and, most of all, those who have followed me.

Recently I have crossed the 200 Followers mark with 81 new likes on my FB in the past SIX DAYS! I don’t know what’s caused it, but all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I will try to be a good, faithful, blogger. I’ve got a lot up my sleeve! :)

So… This is cause for celebration. My One year Blog-o-versary is also coming up! On October 16th, it’ll have been a year since I tentatively started this blog.  Since then a lot of crazy stuff has happened, and I’ve gotten busier (college, etc.) But that does not mean I’m planning on stopping, or even slowing down! I’m not quite sure yet, but something big is going to go down on Oct. 16th, so keep an eye out! :)


Lynette ♥


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