Signature Saturday (2) – Rick Riordan!

And the winner is…  Banner A!

Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 12.23.20 PM

Today I will be featuring my signed copy of  The Lost Hero – By Rick Riordan!


Me meeting Rick Riordan himself – AKA The Best 15 seconds of my life! :)

317209_113792482063525_745953865_nMy signed copy of The Lost Hero!

So… Basically, it was an amazing day! My friend’s mom took the two of us to the signing, and waited in line with us for HOURS, (which was totally worth it) and we had a FANTASTIC time. :) He read us the never-before-heard 2nd chapter of The Son of Neptune, and he was super nice! Even though he signed probably at LEAST 1,000 books (2 books family) and met I don’t even know how many people, he was still super friendly and nice for the possibly less than 15 seconds he spent with each person. I was dressed in my full-on Annabeth Chase costume (Sadly minus the knife… apparently the museum didn’t want me bringing my plastic knife in.) Rick asked me if I made my costume, at which I said yes, and he complimented me on how nice it was.

Long story short, fantastic day!


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