Review: Life – By Cassandra Webb (CHAPTER HUNT!)

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Title: Kemla: Chapter 10: Life Falling From Heights

Author: Cassandra Webb

Summary: Kemla is a teenager living in the Summer’s Mountains. She’s quick witted, not shy of action and smart however life outside the protective circle where she lives is all but beyond her reach. Then one day she’s kidnapped by slave traders, helped by magic and learns to trust. All the while she’s trying to avoid her past. Kemla has an uncanny magical connection with her partner in crime, her horse, together they are so strong that in intense moments their souls join and two become one. Magic isn’t just a part of her life, it is who she is. FireMagic runs through her veins, the lightning has always called to her. How is it that until now she’s didn’t even know she had magic? Perhaps because magic is far from considered a gift in Summers Realm, it’s a curse and is punishable by death.

Genre: YA Fantasy

Rating: ★★★ (4 of 5)

An explanation, I believe, is in order… Life: Book One in the Kemla Trilogy is a book via blog. The book is available for free as a pdf, for your e-reader, or you can read it in bits online, and it is also available as a paperback through Blurb Books. The softcover is only $11.20, which is a GREAT price.Cassandra posts the chapters of the book on her blog, Life. Magic. Family, and she has organized a chapter hunt. A hunt, where readers read a review, answer a quick quiz and if they get the answer right it takes them to the next blog, they read another review, question etc, and keep moving on. At the end they find the link to a hidden or secret chapter. Check out the first review HERE, and join in on the fun! Or just start here


“We have a problem. We could try to escape, but if we’re caught we will be punished and one of the traders, the one that walked us up here, he’s a mind reader so he probably already knows we’re planning this.”

I scan over each of their faces for reactions, Caradwen’s face is red, her lips drawn in a tight-thin line, Ciara’s nearly crying again and I can’t tell what Marika’s thinking. She doesn’t look scared, angry or upset, just blank.

“I still want to go,” Caradwen declares, her voice low – she’s finally remembered to be quiet.

Ciara’s glued to her sister so there’s no argument there, and Marika climbs to her feet.

“Well I’m not ready to go home, but I’m not staying here on my own.”

“Have any of you ever had a beating?” I expected them to back down.

If they stay slaves they’re going to get a beating sooner or later. They might as well earn the abuse.

My Review: I was very pleasantly surprised with the chapter of this book I read, and am looking forward to the opportunity to read the rest of it. LIFE, book one in the Kemla Trilogy by Cassandra Webb is a great story. The plot (from what I’ve seen so far) is well thought out, and exciting. The writing is seeing as Cassandra has neither editor nor a lot of time (a chapter is released each week). There were quite a few spelling/grammatical mistakes, but I think that comes with the territory. Reading an un-edited book, I mean.

This particular chapter that I had the privilege to read/review, I thoroughly enjoyed. It was exciting, the characters were well developed, and the ending. The ending was fantastic! Cassandra Webb has a lot of potential in the writing world, and am thrilled that I joined in on this chapter hunt.

Content Advisory: In the author’s words: It’s YA fantasy with a few chapters that are slightly mature but aimed at being teenage and up appropriate.

To Sum it Up: Join Kemla and her magical horse, Lii, as they travel through Aquila Realm on adventure you won’t want to miss. Can Kemla escape the slave traders? And even if she does, how could she ever hide her magic – punishable by death? 

Your Question:

Q. Who are the three slaves Kemla helps escape from the Drunken Duck Inn?

Don’t forget to join in on the fun and check out more of Kemla’s story!

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