Throwback Thursday – Song Quest


This is hosted by The Housework Can Wait and Never Too Fond of Books. This is an amazing weekly meme dedicated to showcasing older titles that we miss and deserve to be put on others’ TBR piles.

My Pick of the Week:

Cover image and summary from

Title: Song Quest (The Echorium Sequence, #1)

Author: Katherine Roberts

Genre/Pages: Fantasy/272

Published: Feb. 1st, 2002


Welcome to a world from another time — where legendary half-creatures still exist. A world where nature itself can be controlled by unearthly music. A world where the forces of good and evil are held in harmony by the Singers who have mastered the secret Songs of Power. A world on the brink of destruction, threatened by a dark lord whose evil knows no bounds. Rialle and Kherron, two novice Singers, are all that’s left to stand in the enemy’s way. Stranded in a strange land with only one another to rely on, these former rivals must work together if they are to survive. In a timeless coming-of-age journey, Rialle and Kherron discover the strength of spirit that lies within them in their quest to help good triumph over evil.

When I read this book a couple years ago, I had very conflicting emotions. I loved this book. It was fast-paced, exciting, entertaining, and fun. But it also seriously creeped me out. Good and evil all controlled by song? Music that can heal you, make you insane, or cause you to lost your memory? And that wasn’t the only creepy thing… There was a lot of creepy stuff, but it was also a really, really, great book. It’s definitely a Young Adult novel, so I’d recommend it for 11+.

What’s your Throwback Thursday book of the week?


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