Space Cadet – By Robert A. Heinlein

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Title: Space Cadet

Author: Robert A. Heinlein

Genre/Pages: Science Fiction/224

Rating: ★★★ (3 of 5)

Summary: This is the seminal novel of a young man’s education as a member of an elite, paternalistic non-military organization of leaders dedicated to preserving human civilization, the Solar Patrol, a provocative parallel to Heinlein’s famous later novel, Starship Troopers (which is about the military).
Only the best and brightest–the strongest and the most courageous–ever manage to become Space Cadets, at the Space Academy. They are in training to be come part of the elite guard of the solar system, accepting missions others fear, taking risks no others dare, and upholding the peace of the solar system for the benefit of all.
But before Matt Dodson can earn his rightful place in the ranks, his mettle is to be tested in the most severe and extraordinary ways–ways that change him forever, from the midwestern American boy into a man of the Solar Patrol.

My Review: I needed to deep-clean my room, something that I physically cannot do without an audiobook. So I was browsing through my brother’s Audible library, when I came across this. Now, I’ve read a couple of Heinlein’s books that I loved, so I had very high expectations for this book, which is probably why I only gave it a 3 star. I liked it, don’t get me wrong, but it just didn’t have quite the same effect as the others…

The first half of the book focuses mainly on Matt and his friends’ training and education. This was really the half of the book that disappointed me the most, see, when it comes to stories like this (kid getting special training) almost undoubtedly one of my favorite parts is the actual training, in which, this book was sadly lacking. It kinda’ve just skimmed over the specifics of the training. However, the second half of the book quickly got intriguing. The diplomatic aspect of it all fascinating, and the plot-line overall was exciting and quite an enjoyable read.

The characters… The only annoying thing here is Tex. (Can anyone guess where HE’s from? Texas, you say? How’d ya know?) At first he was hilarious – so stereo-typically Texan it’s insanity! – but towards the middle of the book, he got kinda annoying. However, towards the end he became a much better character. And that’s pretty much it, all the characters (aside from the ever-so-memorable Tex and Burke.) Kinda blended together for me. That could partly been simply due to the fact that I was listening to it, and therefore not paying quite as much attention, but I could hardly ever tell the differences in the characters.

To Sum it up: Despite the slightly-negative review above, I really did like this book, it just wasn’t quite as thought-provoking and action-packed as the others. It was a nice fun read, for when you’re bored and don’t want a book that makes you think too much. The last 3 chapters were probably my favorites, exciting, suspenseful, and fascinating! Simply becauseI don’t think it would hold the attention of anyone much younger, I recommend this book for 11+.

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