I Am Number Four: The Lost Files – By Pittacus Lore

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Title: I Am Number Four: The Lost Files: The Legacies (Lorien Legacies: 1-3)

Author: Pittacus Lore

Genre/Pages: Science-Fiction/351

Rating: ★★★ (3.5 of 5)

Summary: A book combined with Six’s, Nine’s and The Fallen’s Legacies all in on paperback. (Legacies originally published as eBooks.)

You know we’re out there, living among you.
You know we’re waiting for our day to come.
You have seen the power of our legacies.
You know this is why they hunt us.
You may think you know our stories.
You are wrong.
We each have our own story.
We know the time has come to share them with you.
Our legacies are your only hope.

My Review: I’m a big fan of the Lorien Legacies series, so when I saw this audiobook on my brother’s Audible account, I quickly downloaded it onto my iPod (Nano, 6th Gen). I ended up really enjoying this collection of novellas.

Six’s Legacy: Getting more in-depth on the character, motives, and story behind Six was awesome. Though not my favorite of this collection, it was still thoroughly enjoyable. This story was written in such a way as to create a connection with the previously aloof and unreachable Six.

Content Warning: There is one torture scene that is a bit on the graphic side, not in a whole lot of detail, but enough to make it a pretty intense scene.

Nine’s Legacy: My second-favorite of the three, I loved the extra background on Nine and his Cepan. Nine is an excellently  well-written character, he was infuriating-ly human and realistic, but written in such a way that, no matter how annoying, you were rooting for him the whole time.

Content Warning: This story had two incredibly graphic scenes. They weren’t very detailed, but left a LOT up to your imagination, and I had to stop listening a couple times due to the intensity of the scenes.

The Fallen Legacies: Oh my gosh, I loved this novella! The whole pretense behind the plot is fascinating, and brings a whole new aspect to the story of the Lorien Legacies. By far my favorite, I loved the characters – and the ending! – Oh my goodness I loved the ending! Such an incredible cliff-hanger!

Content Warning: Violence-wise there’s nothing super-intense here, a couple people are killed, but nothing graphic.

To Sum it up: “Pittacus Lore” really out-did himself with this one. It was fascinating to be able to read these new stories and insights on the story, and I can’t wait to be able to read the next book in the series. I really enjoyed this collection, and  I highly recommend it to fans of the Lorien Legacies series that are 12+.

Content Warning: Aside from the violence there are multiple H**ls, a few s**ts, a B***h, and a f***.

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