Talina in the Tower – By Michelle Lovric

Cover image and summary from goodreads.com

Title: Talina in the Tower

Author: Michelle Lovric

Genre/Pages: Historic Fantasy/313

Rating: ★★★ (4 of 5)

Summary: Magic is attracted to Talina, and Talina is attracted to magic, with startling results …

Talina in the Tower is the tale of a girl who is more passionate than she is careful. Talina Molin, the daughter of an archivist, has earned herself the reputation of being the most impudent girl in Venice. When she’s not campaigning for egrets’ rights, or terrorizing the school librarian, Talina adores reading, cooking and magic. When she mixes all three together, she cooks up more than she had bargained for.

The story takes place in a sinister late nineteenth-century Venice, one inhabited not just by frightened people but also by ferocious foul-mouthed tomcats, argumentative rats and evil vultures.

My Review: A middle-grade historical fantasy novel, I originally learned of  Talina in the Tower from Girls Heart Booksa site you should totally check out, by the way. :) Anyway, I sent my local library a request, asking them to buy it and it to their system; it took a long time for them to complete the transaction, but it was definitely worth the wait!

Talina has a slow and slightly confusing start as the author struggles to build the world. However, this phase didn’t last long, and I was soon caught up in the fast-paced action of 19th century Venice. The fact that I am 15 did nothing to hinder my enjoyment of this book; if anything, I liked it more for the fact. At the speed that I go through books, the YA genre can get tiring every once in a while, and it was extremely refreshing to read a middle grade novel.

The only thing that I didn’t especially like about this novel was the use of French, though fun and adding a bit of spice to the novel, it was occasionally overused to the point of being distracting. Something I really loved about the book (aside from the obvious) was the formatting, and style of the book in general. It was very appealing to the eye, and the chapter headings were quite intriguing. The plot was amazing and original – I’m definitely looking forward to reading more of Michelle’s work.

To Sum it up: Fans of books such as Gregor  the Overlander and Igraine the Brave, will love this stunning adventure novel. Though the morals are kind of obvious and slap-you-in-the-face (it is a MG novel, after all) I can still wholeheartedly say that Talina in the Tower is a thoroughly enjoyable read. However, something to bear in mind, it is slightly gruesome in parts, so I would recommend it for 8+.

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