The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp – By Bruce Edwards

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Picture from, summary from

Title: The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp

Author: Bruce Edwards

Genre/Pages: Fantasy/178

Rating: ★★★ (4 of 5)

Summary: Amy is uprooted from the city she loves to the Midwest–and she’s pissed! Miserable in her new home  and unpopular at school, the 16-year-old blasts her parents for destroying her happiness. But when her verbal attacks turn physical, she is sent away to a boot camp for troubled teens. Expecting Bonehead Bootcamp to be a laid-back country retreat, Amy instead enters a frightening fantasy world of altered time and space. Together with three other unruly teenagers, she must summon all her courage and ingenuity to get back home.

My Review: I received a signed (Extreme happiness! I adore/collect signed books. :) ) copy of this debut novel for Christmas, and was very excited to finally get a chance to read it… But before I get into the specifics of the novel, I  just have to say how much I love the cover! It’s so beautiful and captivating. And Amy’s hair? Gorgeous!

Bruce Edwards has amazing potential as an up-and-coming author; he has a way of describing things that really intrigues and engages the reader. His writing style enables you to relate with the  protagonist, Amy, in ways that really make you think.

Now on to the plot… You begin with Amy, a teenage girl, who, like many others, doesn’t get along with her family, and isn’t very popular at school, however, her parents, thinking her disrespectful and out of line, “unjustly” condemn her to a weekend at “Bonehead Bootcamp” a camp for troubled teens. As she arrives… Well, to say the least, it was definitely an interesting, and very unexpected, turn of events that left me with a new outlook on society, and myself. Long story short, I really liked this book.

To Sum it up: A wonderfully thought-provoking tale of discovering yourself and seeing the world from another’s perspective; The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp was a pretty clean book. Multiple “a**”es a few “B****”es, and a solitary, passing mention of condoms. All that aside though,  solely because it would take a certain level of maturity to be able to understand and relate to this story, I would still recommend this book 11+.

5 thoughts on “The Age of Amy: Bonehead Bootcamp – By Bruce Edwards

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  4. This definitely seems like such a fun book! I agree about the cover, I really do like it as well. And yay for getting a signed copy of this one!! I aboslutely love getting my books signed, and it’s even better if I can get them personalized at an author event. =) But I’m glad you were able to enjoy this one so much! The main character definitely seems relatable and the writing seems fantastic as well.

    Lovely review! <3 I'll have to get a copy of this one sometime. =)

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