The Zochtil – By J.A. Dalley

Picture and summary from
Picture and summary from

Title: The Zochtil (Almek Manning, #1)

Author: J.A. Dalley

Genre/Pages: Science Fiction/225

Rating: ★★★ (5 of 5)

Summary: Jump to the Stars! Join the Solar Fleet!

The Solar Fleet faces just two problems: one, the alien blockade that prevents any ship from leaving the solar system, and two, the United Monarchy of Europe, which is tying up most of the Solar Fleet’s resources, thus preventing them from attacking the blockade.

Almek Manning is eighteen and wishes to join the Solar Fleet as a midshipman and train at the Academy. However, Almek has a few problems of his own to overcome before he can go to the Academy, the first of which is to escape from a United Monarchy of Europe detention facility.

My Review: Debut novel, The Zochtil, is a military science fiction title placed a hundred or so years in the future. Now, I’m typically not a Sci-Fi kind of person, but I am extremely happy I picked up this book – It was definitely worth the read!

The characters were in-depth, exciting, each with their own gripping story-line, and unexpected twists and turns. You get very emotionally attached to these characters, because they’re just amazing! The world J.A. Dalley has created is unique, intricate, gripping and truly unforgettable.

Now, over time, I have both read and listened to The Zochtil, and have found both to be thoroughly enjoyable. Narrator Nick Sullivan brings a whole new level of excitement and depth to this book. Something else you might want to bear in mind, being a Mil-Sci-Fi novel, there is a fair amount of military jargon, but not enough to detract from the great story this author has to tell.

To Sum it up: Well-written, exciting, fast-paced, suspenseful, I loved this book. However, there is death, though never gory or glorified in any way, I would recommend this book 9+.

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